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keeping it simple in business

And what does it cost?

Essentially, our pricing is simple.  Our coding, design, photography and other related services are available of $95.00/person/hour.
Non-profits and not-for-profits may be eligible for a discount of up to 25 %.  An in-kind charitable receipt may be requested.
Please contact us for details including hosting and domain name services.

Consulting is conducted at a rate of $125.00/hr.
Our currency is USD(ollars) for all services except in Canada where we accept CA$ for almost all services (only .CA domains are billed, by default, in CAD. All other domains are billed in USD and may be converted to CAD depending upon circumstance.

Billing is generally conducted monthly. Work that takes more than one month would trigger an interim bill at each month's end.

Special Considerations:
We may impose limitations such as with logo design. 
Work must be done urgently displacing another client's booked time
Work is urgent and must done after hours or over the weekend to meet that urgent need
    Under these conditions we will charge a premium of 65 percent.

We recognize that these things happen.  We have a very high level of dedication to our commitments to our clients.  When we book a client, that client owns the time.  If we must displace a client for whom time is booked - we will work for that displaced client after hours, at the committed rate, in order to minimize the inconvenience to them ... to keep our commitment to them.  We would do the same for you!

What are the terms?

We take a 50 % deposit for all new or major jobs. 
Our terms of payment, be it for a deposit, a domain name, web hosting, final billing, etc... is Due Upon Receipt.
While options may, depending upon a given circumstance, be considered, the primary way your work might be funded is through payment by credit card (we take Visa and Mastercard only).  Credit card is a convenient way to fund your services should you need to spread the cost over time.
We accept payment by e-mail transfer (when available), credit card, and cheque/check.

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